FilAmFest Program Areas

1. Traditional Cultural Performances & Entertainment Program

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Traditional Cultural Performances and Entertainment will feature traditional dances and other performing arts by Samahan Philippine Dance company, tribal dances of Northern Luzon performed by BIBAK Youth San Diego, and Philippine folk dances produced by PASACAT in addition to facilitating workshops within the Program Area. Be sure to witness the magnificent routines of traditional native dances and learn about the history as well. These performances are not to be missed and can be appreciated by guests of all ages!

2. Filipino Martial Arts

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Come experience the showcasing of time-honored practice of Filipino Martial Arts demonstrated by Doce Pares San Diego and Pulahan Derobio Eskrima. Both groups will exhibit their stick and blade fighting skills native to the Philippine Islands. In addition to the presentations, workshops and discussions will be held throughout the day for those interested in learning more about the traditional martial arts.

3. Literary Arts Program

A new feature this year will be the Literary Arts section which will provide read-alouds from the unique Filipiniana Collections from local San Diego Public Library branches. Here you will be able to meet and greet with the artists, attend writing workshops, and construct collages, poems, comic books, and magazines!

4. Culinary Arts Program

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The Culinary Arts sections of the festival will feature educational and entertaining programming relating to traditional and contemporary interpretations of classic Filipino cuisine. There will be several cooking demonstrations held throughout the day as well as discussion panels and interactive classes. Some topics of the demonstrations and discussions range from a modern take of Filipino food to regional Filipino culinary favorites. Come join for a mouth watering demos that satisfy your inner foodie.

11:45­-1:00 | Bibingka Cupcake Decorating

Young and old should come by to decorate their own mini­bibingka with ube, mango, or coconut frosting and sprinkles. Hurry to this activity because there is a limited quantity of bibingka available!

1:20-­2:00 | Healthy Pancit Palabok Demo & Tasting

By Tiffany Rivera of Dining At Tiffany’s (@DiningAtTiffs)

Keep all the rich flavor of this fiesta staple while using seasonal ingredients and making it healthier! This recipe follows the paleo diet and is a fantastic dish to help jumpstart a healthier diet and lifestyle.

2:40-­3:00 | Pancit Eating Contest

Eight competitors will stuff their face; only ONE will be victorious. First place gets a gift certificate while everyone else gets free pancit and high­fives.

3:20­-4:00 | Kare­Kare Eggs Benedict Demo & Tasting

By AC Boral of So Good & Delicious (@SGDfood)

A favorite enjoyed in a creative and unexpected way. This Old School/New School demo will start with the traditional Kare Kare recipe before adapting it for your next brunch.

4:20­-4:40 | Halo­Halo Eating Contest

Sponsored by The Filipino Food Movement

Watch eight people brave the heat and the brainfreeze to consume the most halo­halo (by weight) in a two minute eating sprint. Don’t miss the last contest of the day because faces will scrunch.

5. Education Program

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How much do you really know about the Philippines and the issues surrounding our community today? Did you know that we have over 100 dialects in the Philippines? Did you know that popular dishes like "sinigang" may taste completely different depending on what region of the Philippines you're in? The Education area, presented by the Kuya Ate Mentorship Program (KAMP), is aimed to educate and enlighten everyone on the topic of diversity in the Filipino community through educational display pieces, workshops, art pieces and more.

6. Children & Youth Arts and Crafts
Another new program this year is aimed to both entertain and enlighten our young ones (and anyone else who wants to join in the fun!). Our new Children & Youth Arts and Crafts area will provide everyone with the creative tools they need to create their own meaningful masterpieces! Let your children make their own model Bahay Kubo or a beautiful Sari-manok! If you come down to this program, you and your family will be able to look at different "batik" or different types of fabric and recreate the pattern on your own. You will even be able to create your own beautiful necklaces and bracelets to take home!

7. Best at the Fest

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Are YOU the best? Come down to our battle tent and watch the best dancers from across San Diego compete to be the BEST at the Fest! Led by the youth in our community, Best at the Fest has attracted great crowds in the past and our 10th festival is no exception! Facilitated by the Union of Pacific Asian Communities (UPAC) Youth Mentorship Program at Morse High School and Bell Middle School.